Wuxi HaiXia Education Consulting Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Singapore Empire Inc Education Group. It is a holding company that comprises of multiple companies established to empower lives by delivering high quality training, education, career, and business development. And it is a multi national company based in Singapore and presence in Southeast Asia and Central Asia and etc. We offer customized products and services that will make a difference in companies, employees, and students, to help individuals to improve their competitiveness and achieve their career ambitions. It also supports organisations to groom their talents and deliver business performance improvements.


Wuxi HaiXia Education Consulting Co., Ltd.'s origins and methodologies are from Singapore. Our main purpose is to provide motivation & Employability training. Courses that are unique, inspirational and thought provoking for young people that raise aspirations, tackle low self esteem, and improves motivation and employability. We conduct various sharp, high impact intervention consisting of fun, inspirational and transformative workshops delivered to young people.


1. Short Term Training Programs

Wuxi HaiXia provides training career focused professional training programs and language programs are conducted in a conducive learning environment. There are more than 30 short term programs (Each not more than 50 hours per month), ranging from leadership, management, marketing to English and Chinese communication programs.



2. Human Resources Solutions

We experts in the area of employment pass and work pass applications in Singapore. We provided innovative foreigners and local human resource solutions to various industries for many years. Through the years, we have taken a leading role in the human resource industry by providing personalised service to both employees and employers, with strategic partnership and professional consultants, it is able to provide a full-service human resource solution that includes recruitment and retention of staff.



3. Global Internship

Global Internship was established with the objective of developing the leadership potential of the youth through professional global internship and experiential learning as well as enabling organizations to connect with the international network of talents. We are one of the world main source of high caliber youth talents from prestigious colleges and universities around the world. We build up the next generation of leaders and connect them with businesses and SMEs.



4. Singapore Colleges

Having the necessary expertise in the Singapore public education curriculum, Wuxi Haixia cooperative college is specifically suited to assist students in their assimilation into the education system. In addition, it is well equipped to conduct courses for both local students seeking O level courses and foreign students preparing to enter Singapore Government School, other Language Preparatory Courses, Diploma in Business and Management and Advanced Diploma in Business and Management.



5. After school care

We are driven by the notion that every child's learning journey mirrors the special and different environments they encounter. By appreciating that art and language is a process, the child will be groomed effectively to utilise the skill sets that they have been exposed to in school. We also cultivate creative problem solving skills, positive self-thinking and independent cognitive communication. The children will be inspired to be the best version of themselves through our programs.



6. CTC Units

We together with trainee hostel to work together to create another home for all the students/interns ~ Homeland. In Singapore we have more than 50 years of operation and management experience, we provide meticulous care to ensure students living in a more comfortable environment and learning atmosphere, the units including training center, Smart-office and job-cafe. And allow interns tp conduct skills training in hostel to improve their competitiveness, students can develop comprehensively and apply what they have learned in the future.

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